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Plain paper Xerox A1, A0, 36" print/plot, copy and scan systems for CAD & technical wide format applications.
These are xerographic multi-function devices which deliver high output speeds with a cost per print of around 25% of that of inkjet printer/plotters.  This group of products from Springstar is ideal for replacing separate wide format print/plot, copy and scan units, delivering substantial productivity gains and a real and significant saving in the cost of output and unit maintenance.  All the Xerox models in this group can be fitted with an on-line folder thus providing a complete productive print/plot, copy, scan and fold wide format solution.
Products in this group
Xerox 6204 Wide Format Copier/Printer
Xerox 6604 Wide Format Copier/Printer/Colour Scanner
Xerox 6605 Wide Format Copier/Printer/Colour Scanner
Xerox 510 Wide Format Copier/Printer
Xerox 6279 Wide Format Copier/Printer
Xerox 721 Wide Format Copier/Printer
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