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Freeflow Accxes Controller

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The 'state of the art' controller powering the Xerox 510, 6279, 721 and optionally the 6204 plain paper wide format printers and copier/printers.
Developed, refined and added to for approaching 15 years, the Xerox Freeflow Accxes controller delivers unsurpassed functionality, operability, productivity, data handling and automation.

  • Highly developed CAD/technical document scan, print and copy controller
  • Provides high speed file/print processing
  • Supports many technical file formats for direct print submission
  • Auto print-file recognition, image rotation, media selection
  • Auto scan centering and width recognition
  • Windows and HDI driver suite
  • Advanced data security features
  • Seamless technical/CAD document workflow with hot folder support  

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